Part Time Operations Team Associate

Belk Department Store
Job Description
Part Time Operations Team Associates is responsible for performing non-selling duties to support the selling function of the store in the most efficient manner possible. 
Must be available 6:00AM - 11:00AM Monday - Friday.
Essential Functions
Performing the process of unloading and sorting merchandise cartons received on trailers.  Move new merchandise to the appropriate processing drop zone on the sales floor in a safe and timely manner utilizing equipment such as rolling flats, carts and z-racks.
Unpacking and unwrapping merchandise to ensure readiness for merchandising on the sales floor.  Includes applying sensor tags per company standard.
With direction from store leadership team, visual manager/associates and department associates places sales floor ready merchandise onto fixture per planogram and visual merchandising standards.
Postion Requirements
High school Diploma or GED equivalent
Read and speak English
Must be able to lift up to 72 lbs. at floor level or team lift when appropriate or needed.
Ability to push/pull receiving equipment weighing up to 500 lbs such as rolling flats, z-racks and pallet jacks.
Ability to stand for long periods of time.  Ability to twist, bend and stoop to retrieve items from floor, shelves, racks and hooks and place items on floor shelves, racks and hooks.
Path to Apply
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Location - Carrollton GA
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